OmniSpace Mod 16 Desk presentation

                                                                          Mod 16 Desk Profile

The creation of the Mod 16 desk was no easy task. What does one look for in an office desk, what is the element
which creates the optimal office work station for everyone. The more we tried to find the perfect answer, the more
the answer seemed to get away from us, and then it struck us.

From a design standpoint we took what was the closest to our company both ideologically and physically - raw, hard
industrialism. Being situated in one of Sofia's oldest plants for manufacturing and recycling paper, the Mod 16 desk
uses hard, defined shapes and a lot of right angles, to create the straight, technological vision of the desk. 

Leaving the design aside, Mod 16 needed to be true to its industrial ideology, or excellence in performance. We set ourselves
the goal of making the strongest, hardest and sturdiest work station possible, and after countless tests, hours and bent steel
frames, we created the optimal structure for our desk which combines clean straight forms with steel durability and industrial
shade. With that in mind Mod 16 easily fits into any office space, regardless of the style, be it modern, vintage, futuristic, or retro
due to the timeless design and durability.


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